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iMMovator is an innovation network organization with a strong focus on the (new) media industry. Located in Hilversum’s Mediapark, the centre of the Dutch broadcast industry, the iMMovator Cross Media Network is specialized in new media developments in the audiovisual industry. The iMMovator Cross Media Network consists of over 8,000 professionals. We work to help our members to create, innovate and grow. By organizing projects, research and events, we stimulate cooperation and innovation in the Dutch media industry. iMMovator develops and executes multiparty projects aimed at reshaping the business, new services development and adressing new markets.

iMMovator is leading the Media&ICT-network at the Dutch Creative Industries knowledge and innovation network ClickNL, part of the national Creative Industries innovation policy program. “Digitisation has been driving media innovation for years. The new digital economy is already here and is disrupting or at least challenging businessmodels across the traditional economy.”

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Participanten van iMMovator zijn:

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